It has been nearly a year since the earthquake of 25th April 2015, took everything we had. When we talk about Langtang it was swept away completely. The village has been buried under ice and rock and has disappeared. But through out our tough journey we are so pleased to realize that we have a “world family” with us who has so much love for us.12376789_593697724127252_4311432656681250553_n

Personally I feel that it will be impossible for the people of Langtang to face and overcome this terrible challenge/tragedy without your help. We are very grateful to each and everyone who has helped us in different forms. Click Langtang friends.

As the winter is bidding farewell people of Langtang  slowly started to move back to the village and start the reconstruction.


There were few elderly people who had decided to pass the cold winter without proper shelter in Langtang and they did it happily. As I have mentioned in some other posts that for these elderly people living in Kathmandu is out of question. They have never been to Kathmandu in their lives so it was terrible for them to live in the chaotic city.


With the selfless and continuous effort of Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee , Rasuwa Relief  , OM Nepal  , Sano Madad  and many other NGO´s, Associations, individuals and most importantly the local people from Langtang, it was possible to get most essential raw materials needed for the reconstruction of 116 houses to Kyanjin Gumpa via helicopters.


Small store space where built to store the plywood and CGI tins for the roof, cooking stoves etc in Langtang village. They were able to store this needed materials for the reconstruction and the credit goes to the donations. 


Now, these stored materials will be distributed among the local people so that they can start with the reconstruction. The villagers will of course gathers the destructed wooden blocks and stone blocks to be reused again for the new houses.


Although the committee have CGI tin for roof and Plywood for the houses. Now people needs Iron rod, cement and other materials as they are trying to construct the houses which can resist the after shocks.  And these materials are costly as we have to add the labor cost (Porters who carries the materials and transports them to Langtang) to the initial price of the materials. Also people have to get the basic foods for the workers who will be there for the reconstruction of the village.

During this year the people have done a lot of things although they had to tackle with the monsoon and hard winter:

-Building the refugee camp in Yellow Gumpa.

-Recover bodies and cremations.

-Ceremonies to bid farewell to their loved ones (funeral).

-Finding sponsors for the children so that they can continue with their studies.

-Formed a committee to co-ordinate the external help and also negotiate with government.

-Organise meetings and reunion with other NGO´s and follow strategies.

-Opening the way to get to Langtang.

-Storing materials for the re-construction.

-Training courses and workshops.

They made a great effort together to accomplish their programs and step by step they are heading with their projects to be successful.

Langtang Reestablishment Project Plan Flowchart 20151002

During these past hard months Langtang Management and Reconstruction Committee has distributed money (the donation they received from various parts of the world) to each family to cover the needs during their stay in Kathmandu. They tried their best to be fair enough by handing little bit more to the orphan kids.  With these money people were able to celebrate the Tibetan New Year.


As the people of Langtang are Buddhist and they follow their traditions no matter what. So as a form of therapy they made a pilgrimage trip to India and Pokhara and got blessings from Rimporche (The great Tibetan Monk/Lama).  In the western world people take the help of Psychologist but in Nepal people usually visits religious places to heal their pain.

2 12592428_10208782328582376_5229001158373912950_n

These hardworking people did not stop doing various stuffs during their stay in Kathmandu after the tragedy. They knew what will be the challenges once they return and try to start their lives. They did following training:

Langtang Rising article from Nepali Times talk about this good projects:,2610#.VgTwzIHMn2o.facebook

Electric course.

Some young villagers had introductory electricity courses during their stay in the refugee camp in Yellow Gumpa, to apply later in the reconstruction of their homes in Langtang.


Guide/Porter training.

18 August 2015- Today, we started a training program for porters at the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NATHM) supported by HKS Nepal Fund and RASUWA RELIEF. Majority of the trainees are porters who have been displaced from Langtang and are currently residing at a camp in the Yellow Gumba in Kathmandu. The rest include porters from other places like Gorkha, rest of Rasuwa and Sindhupalchowk.


By the end of the training program, they will receive their guide or porter guide licenses. In the coming days and weeks, I hope to highlight the trainees – their stories of survival, loss and resilience, and their insights on reviving trekking in Langtang, along with their pictures. It is difficult to imagine what they have gone through these past few months but we hope that this program will help them stay occupied as they wait/plan to go back to Langtang while also preparing them to better rebuild their lives once they are back.GuideTraining

5 September 2015- The Guide/Porter  training at Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management (NATHM) funded by Rasuwa Relief and Harvard Kennedy School Nepal fund is in full swing. Majority of students in these courses are from Langtang. Today, trainees were taken for wall climbing lessons where in addition to enjoying wall climbing, they were also given lectures on safety techniques during climbing and proper equipment handling by the renowned climber Pemba Gyalje Sherpa.11951287_694614245418_4639364047292909681_n

Hotel Management Training.


Program ended today. All participants from Langtangpas get certificate from NATHM college of Hotel Management Academy. Celebrates our last day in training and certificate distribution.


If you want to help so they can do more training courses, please visit this link:

Cooking class.


Donation for training from Solidarité Langtang: The Langtangpas were delighted by the first chef training cycle. Given their enthusiasm we decided to fund a portion of a second 40 courtesy days for forty Langtangpas. This training will take place in December in Kathmandu. The association made a deposit of 3,000 euros ($ 3,241) to Upasana Khadka (Rasuwa Relief) which was paid on the site Indiegogo crowdfunding, link below:

French Language.


Thank you Pauline for sponsoring french Language class for Langtangpas. Classes has been started from Yesterday at Alliance Francaise De Kathmandu which is one of the best french Language institution in Kathmandu. We hope this language will help Langtangpas with their future. Thank you once again Pauline and association below. Association Porteurs d’Avenir. 11 rue du Faucigny 
74 490 Saint Jeoire Déclaration n°W742001432 With best regards, Temba Lama. Chairman. Posted by Lhakpa Tamang Jangba. Secretary of Communication board team LMnRe Committee.





Swoyambhu Group ( Next Training for Boudha Langtang Women soon) After couple of months waiting finally today we are able to start our Jewellery Training for Langtang women. Its was first thought by Virginia (Langtang Valley Health). After trying to coordinate for couple of months finally we start our Jewellery Training with help of various people and organisations. Now Training is lead by project Manager Elsa Häberle, where Andrew Mellor (buy and help a cause) who donated Rs. 41000.00 in hand of Lhakpa Jangba ( Beads with equipments and remaining cash has been handover to project Manager Elsa) for buying beads and starting this training but still it’s not enough where rest all expanses will be done by Sustainable Step with help of Tsering Pema. Elsa will submit the remaining cost for finished training soon to Sustainable step then we will announced how much is total donation done.

12509727_576828289147529_262966120568119893_nSarah Luaks has helped and spend lots of her time in research for these training where we like to thank her as well. We all are very happy and wish good luck for success of Langtang women. 
We Langtangpas like to Thank you Elsa who have donated her time for these training, Andrew Mellor who help us with fund, Virginia Dixon who Brough up these ideas and help through Gayaanan (Sustainable Step Nepal) for providing remaining all full fund for these training. We will soon announce amount when we get total fund needed from Elsa to get from Sustainable Step Nepal. Thank you Sustainable Step Nepal for funding these Training. Good luck.

Joyeria1“I have college in the morning, but in the afternoon I have time, so I come here,” shared a young Tibetan woman, while wrapping the thin wire around a pair of pliers and carefully threading beads on it.” From January 12-15 ‪#‎OMNepal‬ hosted a jewelry making training to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the ‪‎Langtang‬ community, a village destroyed by a landslide caused by the ‪‎earthquake‬ last April. The jewellery making training aims to help women learn a new skill with which they can support their families. The jewellery will be sold and the money will go to the reconstruction of the Langtang community. Joyeria2

Group Name Lists Below:

1. Yangchen Tamang (age 44) Mundu, Langtang village- 2

2. Karmu Tamang (age 40) Langtang village- 6

3. Pema Tamang (age 28) Langtang village-7

4. Phurpu Tamang (age 60) Langtang village-7

5. Kalhazom Tamang (age 55) Langtang village- 6

6. Karyang Tamang (age 70) Langtang village-5

7. Dolma Dhomarey (age 27) Mundu, Langtang village-3

8. Tengyalmu Tamang (age 38) Langtang village-5

9. Chuki Tamang (age 34) Gumba, Langtang village-9

10. Sumjo Tamang (age 30) Langtang village-5

11. Tenzing Dolma (age 21) Sindum, Langtang village-1

12. Phurjangmu Tamang (age 30) Gumba, Langtang village-9

13. Chopema Tamang (age 20) Langtang village-5

14. Wangzen Dolma (age 35) Mundu, Langtang village-3

15. Karchung Tamang (age 34) Gumba, Langtang village-8

16. Ghaki Tamang (age 30) Langtang village-4

17. Phurpu Tamang (age 40) Langtang village-7

18. Dawa Gyalmu (age 40) Langtang village-4

19. Yanki Tamang (age 31) Langtang village-5

20. Gyalmu Tamang (age 30) Gumba, Langtang village-9

21. Tsering Nima (age 33) Kyanjin Gumba, Langtang village-1