On 31st October a group of firefighters from Barclona along with one primary teacher, a mountain guide and a doctor is travelling to Langtang valley for a humanitarian aid.
They rgansed various events to raise funds and help as much as possible to Langtang. You can follow their facebook page:


On 2th October at 9:30 PM at Manresa, they organised a solidarity monologues to go on with the project and raise more funds.


Also you can colaborte by buying a beautiful t-shirts with a tibetan flags and their logo.To get the t-shirt you can order through the facebook or write an email to firefighters:



They can also partcipate in a lottery for a green chair sighned by famous persons.


9Following links shows their intentions of helping the people and they letter of presentation.


10We wish you a safe journey and all the best for your project. We hope you can help to change the life of people of Langtang. Thank you!


Noticia diario Regió7- http://www.regio7.cat/bages/2016/10/25/solidaritat-del-pirineu-lhimalaia/385265.html