Dear friends, many people is asking us to go to Langtang to offer their help directly in the affected areas.
We would like to dedicate this post to open the door to the intrepid ones who wants to help to Langtang village with their own hands on place.

It might be volunteers which, a part from having the aim of help, they like mountaineering, climbing and also wants to know the way of life of a traditional Himalaya’s village.


Lhakpa Tamang (+97798412546890)-


We are developing different projects for volunteers, mainly to work in the new construction of the village and roads, later on medical voluntary services or even to work the land, look after the animals, work in the schools, helping old people in their daily tasks or any activity which might be considered as a need in Langtang those days. There are so many options for helping but the aim of all of us is also to provide the volunteers with an unique experience of life by living together with Langtang people and create nice and strong relationships to last in the time even after this period.


But in this moment they are just beginning with all and it will take time to set up a good logistics infrastructure to make it work well for the volunteers, as you can see in the Reconstruction Project, at the moment the village people just start to rebuild the houses and most of them were able to go back up to the mountains but the area still devastated and surviving over there is hard complicated.

They built small shepherd cottages to take shelter along with their animals, even they started to make yak’s cheese, they really have no much more than a basic.

At the moment, there are no houses up there at all so they couldn’t manage to have gas supply or firewood to stay there for the winter, and with the first snow most have had to return to Kathmandu. You can find more info in the link below Come back to Langtang.


For all this we thought that to it be a satisfying experience, volunteers should know that life is very hard up there and should be a person experienced in mountain and know that they will not have the facilities you could have, for example, making volunteers in Kathmandu … So we thought that some volunteers prefer to help with coordination tasks from the city and others prefer to be in the mountain but right now conditions are more difficult.

There are small ONGs based in Kathmandu cooperating very close with Langtang’s Comitee and directly with langtan’s citiziens. Most of them are volunteers working hard trying to coordinate and arrange recovery tasks. Pls, find more information at the 3rd point of the Work Agenda 4 October 2015.

Anyway any help is welcome.

It will all be easier once the recovery tasks starts running and locals have a good working standards and routines, also infrastructures for catering and accommodation (even if it is in tents)….the tasks will be already aligned and it will be easy to coordinate and offer a nice life experience to all the ones involved in the cooperation.

As per the working plan, the reconstructions will start in March of 2016 and it will need lots of help to be finished (116 houses) for 2018. It will be tough work and also considering the obligation to interrupt working tasks during winter and monsoon season12183992_10100595136214056_3327850664608716405_o