Nobody could imagine something like this...The earth eating up a whole village and half its noble inhabitants.

Gathering corpses...

The avalanche was swallowed whole.

Spanish rescue team

Waiting to be rescued

There comes a helicopter


Refugees Yellow Gumpa.

Two hours from Langtang going up.

Was a hospital.

Volunteers in Yellow Gumpa

Kyanjin Gumpa

Buscando algún recuerdo en lo que era su casa.

June 8, 2015

Outside camp near Kyanjin

Helping tourists in Kyanjin Gumba

Kilian Jornet in Langtang

Lucky house with roof

Waiting rescue in Goratabela.

Running to the helicopter in Goratabela.

The hospital near Langtang.

Searching corpse.

Mountain refuge.

Photos from Athena Aurora.

Photos from Athena Aurora.

Fotos from Athena Aurora.

Photos from Athena Aurora,s album.

Funeral ceremony.

Kyangin Gumpa-November 2015 From Susan Hale Thomas.

Nima´s House