Marvellous Langtang

My paradise home...

It's worth remembering how it was before the earthquake because Langtang will be a green valley full of life again.

Tibetan flag

Tribute to the victims

Ghewa ceremony in Langtang Gompa on April 24th.

June 12th.-Ghewa Ceremony in Kathmandú.

Winter 1982

Chiju festival

Chiju festival in Langtang- Wintern of 1982.

1988 from Ayako Sadakane.

Photos from Ayako Sadakane.

Tserko Ri(4.900m) from Fabio

Kyangin at nigth

by Fabio

Pasang 1996

Kyangin Gumpa 2017

Pasang y Pemba 2017