Basic ideas to help quickly and directly.

Help to rebuild Langtang

Is a giant project very difficult and we need all the help.

126 families are struggling to regain their lives and are confident that they will achieve if we push together.

There are other important projects, but consider that until the people of Langtang not have their homes and fields to survive, everything else can not develop ...

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Direct help to the people of Langtang

Before they can live in Langtang again they need basic help, as they have lost all. Now the Monsoon is coming, until mid September it's going to rain during nearly the whole day. This makes every day living very difficult for the refugees. The help can be of any kind like:

  • Clothes. Sometimes we think of sending things from here but if we think that in Europe everything is more expensive and then we add the shipping costs, finally it's more useful if they can buy whatever they like in Nepal and then they can dress as they like as many Tibetan women don't like modern clothes, they prefer their traditional ones.
  • Food.The same happens with food, we could organize shipping from here, but they still have rice, lentils etc. in their country. It's easier and more economical if they buy it there. It's not a desert like in Africa where cargos of food and water have to be sent.
  • Medicines: Basic medicines for diarrhoea, antibiotics, painkillers, iodine and bandages to clean wounds etc. Right now medical teams are going to the camp to help the wounded, but later on they might have to do it alone.
  • Temporary rental of flats in Kathmandu for the ill as they can't live in tents and need to be looked after, or for mothers with little children. Flats there cost 70 to100 €/month.
  • Additional healthcare costs. Due to the special situation caused by the catastrophe operations and hospital expenses are being paid for by the government of Nepal. But there is saturation in the hospitals and everything is done very quickly and they send people home while they still ill. We don't know how long the health aid will continue, but we think that soon everyone will have to pay for their treatments and operations again.

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Many children will need help to keep on studying as their parents have died or lost everything and will not be able to pay the 100 €/month the boarding school costs in Kathmandu.

If you want to sponsor the studies of any of these children please contact us.

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Direct shipments

If anyone wants to send clothes, food, medicines or anything they think might be useful, send it to this address:

  • Marshyangdi Boarding High School.
    Mhepy Nayabazar
    8550 - Kathmandú.

It is the primary school where Pasang studied and the Director is a good friend of hers. They will receive anything you send and the sisters of Pasang will give it to the people who need it.

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During their stay in Yellow Gumpa as a refugees, the women of Langtang spended their time in knitting and creating handicrafts.

This can be a beautiful grifs for your kids, but it is also a gist that returns back to Nepal in a form of aid…

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Everyone who wants can come to Langtang to help rebuild the village in exchange of food and stay. We think that by sharing time together future friendship and co-operation relationships will be built.

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How we work...

We have many projects, some immediate, others for the future…it all depends on where we can get to with your help.

  • Gestion

    For practical reasons, all the money of the donations will go to a general fund and will be used according to the needs of the people of Langtang. The family of Pasang is with the refugees, they see them every day and they know what they need at each moment. They will do their meetings, they will decide what is a priority and will tell us immediately.

  • Clarity

    All the expenses will be specified in balance sheet and anybody will be able to see what the donated money is being used for.

    Every time that a project moves forward or money is spent from the general fund we will try and obtain bills or receipts, although in Nepal it is very difficult, particularly with direct help.

  • Specific Projects

    If you want to help a specific child or family, just contact us. We will explain to you how to do it and help you manage the whole process.

  • Scope

    We are open to any suggestions and the projects may be modified in the future according to the needs of the refugees and new projects might arise as we move forward in this survival adventure in which we hope to have your help.

Thanks to all...