First of all we would like to thank to those who have decided to take one step forward and sponsor a child from Langtang and giving them the opportunity to have a brighter future. Thanks for giving these little survivors from Langtang to go to the schools and now they have a roof, food and sucure education…It is important, not only for the kids but also for the parents as they feel relief from worries and they can concentrate in recuperating their lives. Sponsor Thanks for the efforts of web friends like Sustainable Steps Nepal and Sano Madad nearly all the children of Langtang goes to the school. Although from now onwards, we are no longer going to do this direclty from LangtangDisasterReliefFund, we will continue helping more children from all the region of Rasuwa , for the chidren who wishes to study, so that they can have an opportunity to study and get a better future. For those who want to sponsor a kid,we will put you in a direct contact with the family of the kid. In a special difficult cases ( because most of the people of Rasuwa lives in a very remote area and out of communication), we will try to put you in touch with some trusted NGO´s or Organisations who can be an intermediate in the process of sponsorship.


Pasang Bhuti letter to all those who have decided to sponsor a child:

Thank you so much for your kindness to the kids who have lost everything before having anything. The fate snatched the love, care, affection, dream, their parents and whole history just in a matter of second. But yes we also believe that when one door closes for you there is another way. So with the help of people like you, this kids can see the better future. I was sponsored by a German couple, and I know how drastically my life has changed for the better. And I became a part of their family. There is one bond of love which no one can explain. It is just the mixture of love, care, respect, gratefulness and happiness. Today, I am happy to assist you to the procedure of sponsoring a needy child. I will tell you how I was helped by this couple for these amazing long 13 years.

  • First you can choose which child you want to sponsor. If you can´t I will help you and you can have direct contact with the family of the destinated kid.
  • Second step- You can look for the school in Kathmandu (Capital) or I can help you to find one.
  • The schooling fees per month will be around 90US$ to 110US$. This includes food+shelter+education. The child will be in one hostel with other many kids. They will be very well taken care by the hostel teachers and the other helpers. During the holidays they can of course go to visit their family or family can come and visit them.
  • The first month will be little expensive because there will be the charges like admission fees, which is a deposit money that school takes and when one leaves the school they will return the money.
  • Extra charges if you want to pay for the kids will be clothing, medical expenses, stationery (Books+pencils, etc). This will be approximately 150€ per year.
  • You will receive the academic progress report of the kid along with the letter written by kids 2 times a year.
  • You can have personalized information about the kid from the teachers.
  • If you want I can put you in contact with the kid, their family and the school whenever you want.
  • If you need any assistance I am here. You can contact me anytime.

Kind Regards and Namaste!


Price table example of a school in Nepal (around 1.300€/anual):